Media Marketing for French Stores

Media marketing for products which have a well defined target audience is definitely a great way to drive up sales exponentially. There are many ways to augment product awareness among a given audience. When there is a website that makes buying products as easy as a click, then the sale just depends on how well you can motivate prospects at the right time for that extra purchase.

This particular article is about marketing campaigns for a French store that sells a variety of French products in the US, the UK and in different countries all around the world. All savvy e-commerce entrepreneurs know that it is definitely cheaper and more cost effective for any company to market its range of products to an existing customer than win over a totally new one. Therefore many e-commerce stores believe in Email marketing. However many of the marketing campaigns for ecommerce shops also try to lure Internet shoppers to a particular web site which then guides the potential clients to various products of particular companies. There are different strategies which the media marketing companies follow to attract maximum traffic to the website of their clients.

Why Media Marketing Agencies?


There are various media marketing agencies whose expertise in strategies will help companies maximize their online sales. You can find such marketing agencies worldwide. Most of the marketing agencies specialize in planning for a target audience in their particular region as they understand the audience well. However many big agencies also cater for clients who want to market their products in various markets that have audience with a diverse background. By the way click here if you are looking for a good marketing agency in France. They can identify the target audience, create, plan and implement strategies so that your business can benefit the most.

An Insight into a French Gift Website


This article takes the marketing campaigns that have been undertaken for a French ecommerce shop called Saveur du Jour as an example. is a website that offers authentic French Gifts. You could pick up any of these to please someone or  make a gift for any occasion. This French store delivers quality products from France like beauty products, gourmet foods, home accessories, souvenirs from Paris, stylish Fouta towels, different things from Provence, men’s gifts as well as appetizing Macaroons along with many others. French gifts are appreciated by people all over the world and you could get one of them with just a few clicks. Saveur du Jour is one of the best websites for French gift items and they offer a wide range of choice online even to the U.S.

This company works with French stores and distributors in the U.S, to source out the finest products directly from France and make them easily available for you. Their slogan is that, if you are running out of gift ideas, surprises for your loved ones are just a click away!

Why Marketing Campaigns?


Marketing campaigns for web sites are simply meant to attract traffic from a well defined audience to a set of product pages. Once they land on one of the target pages, those visitors will check the product range, and if pictures are nice, prices affordable and quality obvious, a high proportion of them will finalize their purchase.

Active media marketing entrepreneurs who are looking for business online, are recommended to increase their presence on social media pages like Facebook. Make sure you have an active Facebook page, where you announce sales, promotions or games that let your prospective customers win your latest or coolest product. A recent and efficient technique consists in sending free samples for evaluation to bloggers who have a large set of followers. Assuming the samples are quality products and the shipping is quick, those bloggers are likely to post product videos on youtube, which is a great ways to attract prospective clients.

A good bit of planning and expert strategies are required to hook the audience at the right time. For example, when Saveur du Jour plans to launch a product line that would make a great French gift for women then the timing has to be right. Under such circumstances you surely would like to target a male audience who is looking for gifts during Christmas or Valentine. This would put your marketing budget to good use, as you will get an audience who is actually interested in buying gifts at that point in time.

Finally, you should always remember that normal is actually boring. The most brilliant marketing campaigns are often the ones that involve creativity and which surprise people. These campaigns tend to get imprinted in the minds of the people which they do not easily forget. If you want your audience to remember your brand name and your products do not be afraid to do something out of the box. The ad should be different from the regular rut so as to leave a trail behind to ignite the memory whenever prospects are looking for the kind of products you have to offer. Do not be afraid to shock your audience and win their attention, if you want them to memorize your brand.



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